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Bird Language talk

Wed 4 May, 6pm, in town in Dungog

with environmental educator and wildlife naturalist Andrew Turbill
Bookings essential via this Event

Bird language illustration: Verity Keniger

We’ve been hearing about the Bird Language retreats at Wangat Lodge and asked Andrew Turbill if he would give PAWSIH and the Dungog community an evening talk about birds and bird language while he was in the area. This would be the on the night before the upcoming Retreat. Thanks Andrew and Dan Lyons from Wangat Lodge for generously agreeing to do this talk.

Bird language?… By learning to pay attention and de-code bird language you will be drawn into the interconnectedness and wonder of nature. Gradually our sensory world opens up; birds aren’t just random background noise anymore but instead reveal the movement of predators in the landscape, the whereabouts of flowering and fruiting trees, approaching weather systems and delineation of seasonal changes.

The free community event will start at 6pm on the evening of Wednesday 4 May. The venue will be in town in Dungog. So please book via this Eventbrite link.

Andrew will then be at Wangat Lodge for the Bird Language and Nature Connection – Workshop and Retreat. So if you would like to book into the retreat at Wangat (Thurs 5 – Sun 8 May) here is the link:
BIRD LANGUAGE And Nature Connection – Workshop And Retreat

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Fungi Foray Walk – cancelled this Sun

Cancelled this year

Sadly this event has been cancelled for this year.

Fungi Foray Walk – NOT Sun 10 April

The annual survey of Fungi at the Upper Allyn River has been cancelled for this year. This event was in association with the Hunter Branch of the National Parks Association. 

The area has experienced heavy rain in recent weeks, and more rain is forecast in coming days. With the wet catchment, hardly any rain is required to make the river crossings impassable, and the alternate road access the area is not available due to a landslip.

We are really disappointed with this decision, and thank you for your understanding. Apologies for any inconvenience that this may have caused. We did consider delaying the foray for two weeks, but the weather is likely to be too cold by then for many species to be visible.

We had about 25 people interested in attending this year, and are already planning the next foray on Sunday 9 April 2023. Please keep this date in mind. We will let you know early next year of the 2023 foray details.

If you have the opportunity to get into a forest check out the amazing fungi life.  Here is a link to some online resources:
Fungi are at their best in Autumn. Recent rains and warm weather promise to make this an ideal time to see and learn about them.

This event would have been the fourth Fungi Foray in the area. These follow-up surveys are important to document variations in the ecosystem. Oh well ….see you next year in the fungi forest.

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And some other news … we’ve had a name change to  

Paterson Allyn Williams Science & Ideas Hub

We have also Incorporated as a not for profit association. Stay tuned for an expanded range of activities in the coming months. An updated logo will come soon…

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